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Improve Your Focus in Less Than 9 Minutes


Longer attention span? A goldfish or a human? 

The answer? A goldfish.

Yes, a goldfish has a longer attention span than a human. By one second. But, that was pre-2020.  Now?  Who knows?

The great news? You can improve your focus. It just takes a few tools and a little bit of practice. 

Here is a short video to improve productivity and focus.


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This book is the cultivation of years of work with busy CEOs and business owners. 

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Things you can use right now...

What does the next decade look like for your company? Mary discusses succession planning on the Coaching for Potential podcast.

Distracted? Try the 5-Minute Focus Plan.


Do you want your team to think more strategically about the future? 

Mary is a Certified Virtual Speaker (CVP) and a Hall of Fame Speaker.  She can deliver outstanding ideas, entertaining stories, and immediate takeaways virtually. 

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