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An effective team fosters creativity and takes advantage of diverse strengths and experiences. Working as a group can produce results beyond what any individual member could do alone.

However, some teams thrive while others flounder. Creating a collaborative environment takes work, and many obstacles can undermine the process. Maybe negative competition runs rife. Or perhaps your organization could benefit from investing more time in teaching team-building skills.

Situations like these can take a heavy toll on job satisfaction and productivity. Learn how to spot and overcome 3 of the most common obstacles to team building.


52 Leadership Reminders for     Today’s Leaders

Leaders are busy!  Here are 52 leadership reminders to stay focused on what is really important.


Iceberg ahead! Navigating the World of 
Business & Leadership!

In this uplifting and inspiring keynote, Dr. Mary Kelly gives you a peek into the lessons she has learned about leadership over a decades-long career in the Navy, corporate America and beyond. Mary delights in getting down to business and sharing what most employees wish their leaders knew.
With encouraging stories and true tales from the armed forces, you’ll learn to:
  • Communicate like a champ
  • Embrace the strengths of your teammates
  • Motivate staff with little or no budget
  • Take on a new role with grace and ease

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“Mary delivered a five-star leadership presentation that was remarkable and impactful in every way.” 

                Steven Hansen, CEO
     Utah Local Governments Local Trust


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