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What builds patience?

“All we need is just a little patience," the song says. The only time we think about patience is when we are in situations where we can bring up how impatient we are, how impatient other people are, or how difficult situations lend themselves to people becoming irritable. As someone who travels a lot, I see many people quickly becoming impatient when faced with inconveniences and delays.

What causes us to become impatient? Why are many of us not more patient? Life is challenging. World events are uncertain. We could all be happier if we could be more patient – patient with ourselves, patient with inconveniences, and being patient with the people around us.

We all have to learn how to be patient. What builds patience?

Patience affects every sphere of life. When we are unable to be patient with the people around us, we are often equally impatient with ourselves.

Patience Is A Mindset


Who Comes Next? 

Competitive, challenging, and constantly shifting – that is today’s marketplace. To successfully compete, organizations need to build depth of experience, perspective, and increase the knowledge base of their leadership bench.

"One of the biggest challenges facing today's CEOs is developing a succession plan, finding the right talent, and building those next-level leaders. In their book, WHO COMES NEXT?, Mary and Meridith answer all of the big questions around succession planning, and they solve the biggest obstacle of all -- getting a succession plan implemented. Responsible CEOs know that their legacies lie in the strength of their succession plans, and the best place to start is by reading this book."

Patty Idol | CEO, Mountain Credit Union


Who Comes Next? Pretty loaded question right?

75 million baby boomers are reaching retirement age in the next several years. Whether you are one of them or one of the many leaders who will be navigating the changes, it is imperative that you have a plan.

Join economist and leadership expert, Dr. Mary Kelly, as she explains how the right succession plan will attract top talent, develop leadership skills, and guarantee success for the next decade and beyond. Get out of panic mode and into a culture of continuous leadership development.

Mary will give you the information to:

  • Understand what a comprehensive succession plan is, and why it’s a must-have for your business
  • Gain the knowledge needed to compete in today’s marketplace
  • Challenge your beliefs of what true leadership means
  • Learn to share your experience to create a legacy
  • Prepare a customized succession plan ready for immediate implementation

Book Mary for your organization's virtual or in-person event HERE. Strategize one-on-one with Mary HERE

Mary inspired our participants to take to heart her program for moving their business forward in 2021 and beyond; she received excellent reviews. Mary and her team are great to work with."   
 Mary Ann Morrison 


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