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Last week I mentioned making sure that we are engaging with the right people, and a few people shared some their challenges.

“How do I find the right people to hang out with?”

“My friends are not as focused on work as I am. Where do I find people who are more motivated?”

“The other people at work complain a lot.  How can I move my career forward by being around forward-thinking people?”


In this week's article I talk about the shorter version of my 5 Minute Leadership planner. So if you send an email to before Dec.21.and ask for The 31 Day Leaders book. You will receive your copy for only $5.00.You do not want to miss out on this offer.

The Five Minute Leadership Guide

Thoughtful leadership is needed now more than ever. Great organizations need their top talent to be great leaders, as well as subject matter experts. Leadership has to be developed.




In these individual sessions, executives find it helpful to talk with someone who really understands their business.  Mary helps leaders make the right decisions regarding personnel, roles and responsibilities, future product development, customer service, and business development.  Many senior leaders call or meet with Mary to discuss ideas, formulate solutions, and brainstorm on ways to solve current and future problems.

Mary advises organizations who are looking for more than just a consulting relationship.  Mary’s adviser clients tend to be in industries that work with numbers, such as credit unions, banks, financial planners, insurance, medical organizations, landscaping, and real estate. 

Go here to book Mary: BookMe.Name/MaryKelly


                         In case you missed it.

 Brilliant, Well-Prepared Speaker
"I was honored to work with Mary at one of our recent On Time Education events in Denver. She came highly prepared and provided a multitude of wonderful resources to the healthcare professionals who attended this event. Mary used her professionalism and sense of humor to provide genuine, practical insights into the world of healthcare. We look forward to lots of collaboration with her in the future!"
James Lecy, On Time Talent Solutions


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