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It has been a tough 18 months. I partnered with Sam Richter

Meridith Elliott-Powell, and Mark Hunter to give you some great business gifts.  No selling. Just gifts. Happy Christmas in July!


Why Leaders Fail And the 

7 Prescriptions for Success

Mary and Peter spent years researching why so many good people fail when they get into leadership positions. They share the keys to leadership success in Why Leaders Fail.

This book shows leaders how to motivate individuals, coalesce teams, develop trust, create a powerful vision, and thrive in today’s work environment.


Find The Right Person, At the Right Time, With the Right Message. Right Now. 

By Sam Richter 

Online Intelligence Expert


THRIVE: Strategies to Turn Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage.

Learn to overcome adversity by thriving through it.

By Meridith Elliott - Powell


52 Truths for Prospecting: Receive fresh and exciting sales tips each week.

By Mark Hunter author of 

Mind for Sales

Mary was a great presenter with a wealth of knowledge for our participants. Our conference participants left with thought provoking ways to recruit new employees! ” 
            Demica Sanders 


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