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Be Happy Stress Less!!!

We are often stressed about unresolved tasks that hang over our heads. Most of us feel as though we have too much to do, and we feel as though we don’t have enough time to do everything. World events, our jobs, family issues, and community commitments often causes us to add to our stress bucket.

What can you get off your plate, resolve, or delegate so that you have more time and resources to devote to doing the activities only you can do, or for those things that you want to do??

Habits That Relieve Stress and Promote Harmony in Your Life
By Mary C. Kelly
Ph.D., CSP, CDR, US Navy Ret.


PSSSTTTT...You want to know a SECRET?

Ridiculous gossip, petty competitions, office drama…it’s the stuff you tell your family members about over the dinner table. We laugh and exchange knowing glances, but it’s also what’s keeping your organization from being successful. Workplace distractions, desire for credit, and personal agendas are what stops your team from being productive and accomplishing their goals. Goals are something that the military knows a lot about!

Did you ever wonder how the armed forces deal with these challenges in tough situations? How does the military turn inexperience into cooperative and successful team members? Retired Navy Commander, Dr. Mary C. Kelly lets you in on the top secrets of the military and how they can turn your team around.

Mary will give you the information to:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of those around you
  • Learn to work together to set and surpass goals
  • Conquer the obstacles that are poisonous to a productive workplace
  • Communicate with each generation, personality, and background

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Mary's delivery of this truly insightful perspective is fast paced and hard hitting. Her unique take on the economic movements of this critical period is ‘need to know’ for anyone leading a business or a management team in today’s environment. She cuts through the culture war smokescreens to present factual trends and likely impacts that can inform decision making objectively. She is up to date, analytically thorough, and especially effective as a presenter—time spent with Mary is a great investment! "   
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