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Can you control your thoughts and live longer? Yes.

Many people use affirmations for personal development and to help them meet goals. Did you know that you can train your brain to help you live a longer, happier life?

How we allow our brain to process information and experiences, both positive and negative, can impact how we handle stress. Positive thinkers, even during times of significant stress and crisis, tend to experience fewer long-term negative consequences of difficult situations. They have less adrenaline (that turns into cortisol). They are able to think and act quickly and clearly. They are more resilient. They bounce back better than negative thinkers.

Whether it’s a one-off stress like having to give a presentation or an ongoing stressful issue, you can create the right mindset to support your best success. Being able to stay positive is a skill that comes more naturally to some, but it is a skill that can be learned and developed.

Knowing how to think through a situation in a positive way helps you deal better with current stressors, and over time, prevent anxiety.


360° of Leadership

Mary Kelly’s inspirational leadership quotes, accompanied by amazing photographs, remind you of the true art of leadership. It is a creative way to remind your managers to communicate, listen, strategize, and develop their employees.


Learn How to Navigate the Ever - Changing World of Leadership!!!

Forget the last leadership program you sat through. In Dr. Mary Kelly’s most popular keynote, the audience will dive directly into the everyday mistakes that are costing supervisors, managers and CEO’s time, money and even their reputations.

These are the new rules, the seven positive steps to success that are crucial for every leader to embrace:

  • Understand why your top talent is not performing to their potential
  • Learn specific actions that lead to short and long-term success
  • Control how you are perceived by your team, peers and superiors
  • Identify behaviors that are sabotaging the loyalty and productivity of the people working around you
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Phenomenal speaker and provided great concepts. 
Fabulous! 3 hours went by too quickly! Informative, 
engaging and exactly what I need. 
Please have Dr. Kelly at each KYSHRM conference. Amazing! 
Engaging, thought-provoking and highly emotional. 
One of the best speakers I’ve seen at an SHRM conference. ” 
            33rd Annual Kentucky SHRM Conference


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