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Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Life

Living your best life means something different to every person, and it does not have to mean having fame or fortune. Your definition may be drastically different from that of your spouse or partner, and all of your friends. There is nothing wrong with that.

What is important to remember is the only person who can change your situation, your circumstances, and your perspective is you.


Book of the Week


Who Comes Next? Leadership Succession Planning Made Easy

Competitive, challenging, and constantly shifting – that is today’s marketplace. To successfully compete, organizations need to build depth of experience, perspective, and increase the knowledge base of their leadership bench.

Leaders and organizations need to start planning now to:
1. Invest in attracting top talent
2. Develop leadership skills
3. Design a succession plan that gets results

With more than 75 million baby-boomers reaching retirement age, you need to be managerially prepared. You need answers to important organizational and leadership questions:
What will the new roles and responsibilities look like in the future?
What do we need to build an organizational plan for new challenges?
Who is going to move into more senior positions?  Who comes next?

Dr. Mary Kelly and Meridith Elliott Powell have developed an innovative, high-energy keynote based on their succession planning book, Who Comes Next?


 Tool of the Week

Productivity Sheet

We can all use a little help becoming more productive. So I have created a worksheet to help you accomplish this everyday.


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