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5 Ways to Get Your Staff Working as a Team


Remember gym class?  

As early as elementary school, it was clear that some of us liked to work as a  team.....and some don't.  As an adult, teamwork is a crucial part of business. Some excel and some struggle.

How can you make it easier for your staff to work as a highly functioning team? As the leader of your organization, there are things you can do to help your team work together, feel a sense of accomplishment as a group, and propel your company forward. 

How do we get those who are hesitant to work in teams to understand the value and need for teamwork? How do we get everyone working together with the same goals in mind?

Number one? Set clear goals and expectations. Assign your team targets for a month and ask them to submit a weekly success report. It will provoke a sense among your team that they are accountable for their actions, thus motivating them to work better and...


Things you can use right now...

A meaningful way to invest in your team? Let them spend some time on new information, like How To Improve Focus when the World is Distracting.

5 minutes to a better staff? Try the 5-Minute Employee Engagement Plan.


Do you want your team to think more strategically about the future? 

Mary is a Certified Virtual Speaker (CVP) and a Hall of Fame Speaker.  She can deliver outstanding ideas, entertaining stories, and immediate takeaways virtually. 

Learn more and watch the video below to see the benefits of virtual learning for your company.



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