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Distractions are everywhere, and leaders know they need good habits that ground them in what is most important. Being productive seems to be more difficult when people are thinking about taking vacations and traveling.  This summer is the first opportunity for travel many people have had since the advent of Covid-19, and that translates into a struggle to focus at work.

Habits for increased focus and productivity. Incorporate these habits into your regular routines to stay focused on what is most important.


There are so many ways to become distracted in life.

Generate Ideas. Focus on Solutions. Be Productive.

Start Focusing TODAY! Order your copy here.


Ready to learn how to navigate the NEW normal as a LEADER?

In this uplifting and inspiring keynote, Dr. Mary Kelly gives you a peek into the lessons she has learned about leadership over a decades-long career in the Navy, corporate America and beyond. Mary delights in getting down to business and sharing what most employees wish their leaders knew.

With encouraging stories and true tales from the armed forces, you’ll learn to:

  • Communicate like a champ
  • Embrace the strengths of your teammates
  • Motivate staff with little or no budget
  • Take on a new role with grace and ease
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"I was greatly impressed by Mary Kelly! She’s a powerhouse and the epiphany of a successful woman. I took so many nuggets away from her presentation and plan on putting some things into place soon. I’m happy to say we’ve corresponded a few times since her event and I can’t wait to talk with her again to soak in as much as I can."

Susan Ogilvie-Bailey 



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