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Silent Crisis!!!


Sally is a 38-year-old manager of a retail store in a busy strip mall in Portland, Oregon. 

Last week, in a panic, she called her regional manager, Darla.

“Danny gave me his two weeks’ notice today. Charlene quit last week. I don’t have people to run the store. What do I do?”

Sally’s boss weighed Sally’s options:
  1. You run the store until you can find people to work
  2. Shut the store down until you can find people to work

Without directly saying this to Sally, Sally’s boss was thinking, “Sally is the wrong person to manage this busy store. She must be a bad manager if her people are leaving her. We all know that people don’t quit jobs, they quit their bosses. I cannot trust Sally.” Darla’s confidence in Sally dropped, and Sally could tell.


Thrive is the road map of how to grow your business and drive sales in highly shifting, constantly changing economic times. It is the story of those leaders and organizations that have seen consistent growth through several economic crisis - companies that were founded in the late 1700s to early 1900s, and they are still in business thriving today. In this book, we share their stories, their struggles and tell you exactly how they have not only overcome adversity, but thrived through it.


                    Who Comes Next?
Leadership Succession Planning Made Easy

Competitive, challenging, and constantly shifting – that is today’s marketplace. To successfully compete, organizations need to build depth of experience, perspective, and increase the knowledge base of their leadership bench.

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"One of the biggest challenges facing today's CEOs is developing a succession plan, finding the right talent, and building those next-level leaders. In their book, WHO COMES NEXT?, Mary and Meridith answer all of the big questions around succession planning, and they solve the biggest obstacle of all -- getting a succession plan implemented. Responsible CEOs know that their legacies lie in the strength of their succession plans, and the best place to start is by reading this book"

Patty Idol, CEO, Mountain Credit Union


Are your leaders leading, or just hoping for the right outcomes?

Do your people understand the six stages of a crisis?

Do your leaders recognize the stage their people are in and do they react appropriately?

  • Understand the six stages of any crisis, challenge, or change.
  • Implement the five ways to P.I.V.O.T. through the crisis.
  • Use the seven leadership reminders to lead out of a crisis.

In order to successfully lead people through and out of a crisis, first, we have to understand the 6 stages of the crisis. Based on her Navy experiences during the first and second Gulf Wars and 9-11, Commander Mary Kelly articulates the reactions of people in various stages of crisis, challenge, or change.

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Mary was fantastic to work with. I’m mainly blown away with how well she’s adapted to virtual presentations compared to many others. She came triply prepared for any possible virtual fiasco. She had two computers, wifi, hardwired and a hotspot. She even provided us with a free video recording of a slightly different presentation that we could use if there was some sort of issue in which she could not connect, we could always just play the video! Oh, and since we didn’t need to use it, she allowed us to use it for another engagement. Well worth the investment for a virtual engagement. ” 
           Clint R. Armistead
Heartland Credit Union Association


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