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As a leader of an organization, accountability is what we strive for every day, but is does not come easily.

Achieving a corporate culture of accountability starts at intrinsic levels, and must be fostered by leaders and managers.


Master Your World

 Leadership lessons to improve productivity, profits, and communication for managers, supervisors, and leaders — Master Your World is based on Dr. Mary Kelly’s acclaimed keynote speech. A must read!

" I admit I bought the book because I was curious about how the author would show how a dog would inspire leadership lessons. I wasn't disappointed. The author covers all the basics in this book and does explain how they are inspired by dogs. The book is a good read with a lot of information.
Fred Fanning

Master Your World: Today’s Game Plan for Maximum Profits, Peak Productivity, and Top Communication


We hear the word leadership a lot around the office. But, do we understand what it means to be a leader – regardless of our job title or our place on the ladder? Leadership isn’t just a plan for the supervisors and CEOs. Leadership is a set of principles that affects every employee, every team member, and every consumer. Leadership is what differentiates the ordinary from the amazing. 

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OCT 20TH, 2021 | 1:00 PM

The 6 Stages Of Any Crisis, The 5 Steps To P.I.V.O.T., And 7 Leadership Reminders To Lead Through It 
Mary Kelly guides company leaders on navigating through a crisis.
“Picking a keynote speaker is not easy, or at least it wasn't until Mary! Mary’s energetic keynote is not only inspiring but also fun to watch! Our attendees have had nothing but rave reviews for her passion, thoughtfulness, and her ability to connect with them. Her message on leadership and responsibility resonates with the audience whether they knew they were leaders or not – and Mary leaves them longing for more. Already we have members telling us they are implementing her ideas and loving their results. The best thing I can say is we want her to come back next year, and maybe every year!” 
Tina Lynn Mercardo


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