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If you’re thinking about handing in your resignation, you have a lot of company.

Some experts believe that even more of the workforce could be looking for a new job as the pandemic continues.

Many workers say they will not return to full-time on-site work.  Difficulties with changing school days and lack of reliable child care are encouraging more parents to start businesses. Still others see opportunities in different locations and with different organizations, and they are pursuing them.




Talented C-level teams benefit from having confidential strategy sessions with Mary.  Mary’s corporate advising can be either team-based, individual, or as part of a strategic retreat.

Unlike a consulting role, Mary is your team’s adviser on everything from growth strategies and process improvements to leadership development.

Mary’s holistic approach maximizes time, energy, and resources. She quickly discovers areas where leaders and teams can work better together, decrease costs from miscommunication, and significantly improve collaboration. 

"Leading a team, regardless of setting, is difficult and Mary helps provides those leaders with additional tools to carry in their tool belts! After all, not all problems/situations are “nails” requiring a hammer! I would highly recommend that Mary become part of your arsenal of tools”
Drew Brassfield



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