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           You are a great leader and you run a great business.

But some of your people have recently quit, and you are wondering if you are as good a leader as you think. You are wondering if you said something that made someone so angry that they quit. You are wondering what could have made them stay.

In conducting hundreds of exit interviews for over twenty companies in the past year, I have found three realities.


Book of the Week


Why Leaders Fail and the7 Prescriptions
for Success

Thousands of leadership books tell you how to be a great leader. Far fewer books delve deeper into the surprisingly common mistakes managers, CEOs, and supervisors unknowingly make that derail their successes.


 Tool of the Week

From Blind Spots to Building Blocks:
How Leaders Attract, Recruit, and Retain 
Top Talent

We all have them. Hidden biases, limiting beliefs, and errors in how we process information based on our past experiences, our environments, and our personalities. Our blind spots cloud perception, drive destructive behaviors, and impair decision-making.

Spend 2-3 minutes and complete the Leaders BS Assessment to discover more about yourself.


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"I can’t say enough about how you can deliver the state of the economy (the good, bad, and the ugly, most of it being ugly), yet still make it enjoyable to listen to! Amazing!.”
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