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5 Strategies to Get Visible and Get Promoted

What is your goal for achievement on a professional level? Is it a promotion to a high-level manager, vice-president, or even CEO position?

Many talented people struggle with how to position themselves for increased roles and responsibilities. They worry about being viewed as pushy, aggressive, or arrogant. How can you put yourself into a position to be chosen for the next level?

Book of the Week

 Master Your World

Master Your World is based on Dr. Mary Kelly’s acclaimed keynote speech. Everyone benefits when managers and leaders apply three core techniques, and then refine them with seven critical applications.  Fun, engaging, and eminently applicable to a wide range of audiences, this popular talk is packed with information and useful ways to get the behavior you want from people around you. This topic is widely used by the military, governmental organizations, associations, and Fortune 500 companies. (Published in MENSA Magazine December 2012!)


 Tool of the Week

5 Minute Business Growth Plan

Growing a business involves thousands of details. Sometimes we need to take a step back to discern what will take us to the next level. This assessment identifies where you’re strong, what needs attention, and how to proceed.


  What people are saying about Mary

"What an inspirational speaker!!! Mary brought her life to us and spoke in real life terms making the engagement more than worthwhile. Her enthusiasm for life and goodwill was contagious. Mary was a highlight to the CEMA conference. I learned so much from her is just a brief time.”
Ron Pinson



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