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Why Encouraging Employees to Achieve Their Bucket List is Good for Business

What is on your bucket list? Do you have one? It turns out that having and doing the items on your bucket list is good for productivity at work. Wait, what is that?

You probably heard of a bucket list (a list of things you want to do before you die) after watching the movie, The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The movie prompted many people to create their own bucket lists.

As leaders, we need to encourage bucket lists.

For most people, bucket lists are dreams they want to achieve or activities they want to try. What stops people from doing what is on their bucket list? Too much fear and too few resources.

A bucket list is like a personal strategic plan. (To get my totally free copy of Your Personal Strategic Plan workbook go to: employees learn to manage both, they are better able to embrace and fulfill their workplace strategic plan.

The same skill sets apply.

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Our mission is what we do, such as “we play baseball.” A vision is “we are going to the World Series.” Leaders need to create a vision that gives people purpose and direction, and coalesces them around a goal bigger than themselves.


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