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Repositioning Your Anchor

Staying calm and focused during times of stress, challenge, and change.

People who have not spent much time on boats or ships are often surprised to learn that the boat’s anchor does not hold it in place. The anchor is not tied to the bottom of the ocean. The anchor is dropped and positioned, and the weight of the chain is what keeps the boat from drifting away.

Boat anchors are checked and repositioned when the tides, winds, and drifting causes the boat to move. Sometimes the anchor gets snagged on coral or debris, and when trying to pull up the anchor, it can get stuck. The boat must be repositioned to release the anchor from the unseen hazard. What is normally a tool of stability, and a valuable part of the ship becomes challenging, so the anchor gets repositioned.

Sometimes we need to evaluate our sense of stability and reposition where we are, like a boat repositioning its anchor.

Practicing repositioning allows us to decrease stress, increase focus, and ignore irritations.

Here are some ways to stay grounded and focused, regardless of the situation.

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