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A personality self-assessment to match you with your perfect job

If you are looking for a job, working for a promotion, or you would like to change careers, you may be wondering how your innate talents and abilities impact your future happiness in your future role. You know that you want to find a job that you enjoy, but how can you tell what you would be good at before you get the job?

The best way to determine a job worth pursuing is by doing a job skills assessment. A self-assessment allows you to explore your personality type, find out what you are good at, and determine your values.

Here is a list of questions that may be a part of a self-assessment:

  • Are you more introverted or extroverted?
  • Do you generally remain calm, or do you get agitated or nervous easily?
  • Is your desk super neat, pretty organized, or somewhat cluttered, “I cannot see my desk”
  • When people do not do their job, do you wonder if you did not do a good enough job training them or do you wonder if they just do not care about their work?
  • When meeting new people, do you tend to talk more or listen more?
  • Would you rather drive a racecar or see a movie?
  • Are your financial investments safer or do you take more risks?

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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Mary Kelly, Event Leadership Economist, Productive Leaders. Mary shares with us advice on asking for testimonials, how to find quality employees, the importance of having a vision, and overall great tips on how a shop can be more profitable with less work.


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