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What’s On Your Life Wish List?

A while ago I wrote about helping your teams create a bucket list to help them stay focused on goals, bother personal and professional

We know that a bucket list can help us experience the things we really want and prevents regrets.

We received some requests for more on the bucket list, specifically, what do we do with the list once we made it? This is the planning and implementing stage, and for those people who struggle with execution (in strengths finder, execution and implementation is harder for some people than others) this may be helpful.

You have your bucket list. You have a list of all the goals you want to achieve.

This includes short-term plans, plans that will take a few years, and ones that will span the course of your life.

Create a column to record the date you write each item on your list, as it will help you begin to actively work toward the goal.

Then create a list of action items underneath that goal with due dates. Action items are things you can cross off the list.

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