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7 Tips to Help You Make Real Connections at Work and in Life

Work and day-to-day life are more enjoyable with meaningful relationships. Recent McKinsey surveys indicate that employees value connections at work more than most organizations realize.

It is nice to have someone to talk to. And, the more people you know, the more likely it is that one of them will be able to help you when you need it. You are also able to help more people when you have more connections.

It is not just about who you know you know. It is also about who knows you, which is the title of a terrific book by David Avrin.

Use these strategies to connect on a deeper level with the people around you:


1.Be willing to start small. It is unlikely that the CEO of a Fortune 50 company that you are not affiliated with is going to join you for a burger and beer. Start by taking one small step. If that goes well, you will have the chance to escalate the relationship down the road one step at a time.

  • Ask a colleague to join you for coffee or a walk around the building 
  • Ask a neighbor if they would like to play pickup basketball or join your March Madness bracket 
  • Call a high school friend to catch up 
  • Reach out to someone with similar professional interests.

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