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10 Easy Tips on How You can Get and Stay Organized

We all know that we should maintain a clean work area for efficiency and productivity, but if you saw my office, you would not be positively impressed. I must work constantly to keep clutter under control. Files, papers, reports, ideas for new books and workbooks, folders, and client projects are everywhere.

Getting and staying organized is a constant struggle for me. I tend to put my projects in piles, which looks like clutter, and then I cannot find the things I need, so I am constantly sorting and resorting through piles, creating more piles, which is clutter.

Every week I spend at least an hour (usually Saturday mornings) organizing and reorganizing my workspace, because I know I work better with a tidier space.

I admire people who always keep a clean desk. My desk is only clean and tidy once a week, and that is when I purge paperwork, put things back where they belong, and file paperwork.

I must work really hard at organizing and clearing my workspace.

Tool of the Week

  Stress Management Habits

Life seems to become more stressful with each passing year. The impact of stress can pose serious challenges to your health and happiness. Much of our stress is the result of habits that have a negative impact on our lives. We create our own stress and become less capable of dealing with it effectively. 

Habits save time and are similar to the autopilot feature found in commercial aircrafts. By relying on our habits, we free up our mind for other tasks. 

While it’s easy to see how diet and exercise habits can influence our waistline, it’s a little more challenging to accept the idea that our habits can either create stress and misery, or promote relaxation and harmony. 

But habits can do exactly that. 


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