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Learn How Intentional Working Can Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

Intentional working enables us to achieve our goals by ensuring that the choices we make are aligned with our end goals. Understanding the significance of intentional actions that are based on intentional choices allows us to accomplish our top goals.

Some people are confused by goals. They think that once they achieve those goals, happiness magically descends and everyone lives happily ever after. (I just watched Into the Woods. Again.)

We know that anything worthwhile means constant process improvement. Once we achieve a specific set of goals, it is time to envision new ones. Constantly moving forward strengthens our faith in our abilities, builds our self-confidence, helps us see more possibilities, and make our goals attainable.

5 Ways Intentional Working Helps Achieve Goals

1.Intentional working means making the right choices
Intentional people recognize that the key to achieving a goal is taking the right action at the right time. For instance, if you want to make twenty more loans this year, you set daily, weekly, as well as monthly goals that will guide you in that direction and get you where you need to be. You break down twenty loans into daily or weekly manageable targets. For example, decide to make five extra outbound calls per week. That is just one more call per day, which is manageable.

Want to live healthier? Make small, healthier choices by taking the stairs, going to the gym, picking up an exercising class, eating more green vegetables, substituting sugary drinks with water, and avoiding foods that cause health problems.

Deliberate goals encourage deliberate choices which guide us in the right direction and enable us to achieve what you want.

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